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Bell Schedule

Napa Valley Independent Studies Day Schedule






Synchronous Learning


Assign Weekly Learning Activities / Review Content/Advisory

(2.5 hour a week per advisory)

Asynchronous Learning

4 - 6  hours per week


Teacher Office Hours

1 hour daily

Subject Specific Support

Learning Hub

1 hour daily

Per teacher recommendation


Definition of Terms

Synchronous Instruction

Classroom-style instruction or designated small group or one-on-one instruction delivered in person, or in the form of internet or telephonic communications, and involving live two-way communication between the teacher and pupil

Daily Live Interaction

Interaction between the pupil and NVUSD staff, and may include peers, provided for the purpose of maintaining school connectedness, including, but not limited to, wellness checks, progress monitoring, providing services, and instruction. This interaction may take place in person, or in the form of internet or telephonic communication.

Asynchronous Learning Time

The instructor, the learner, and other participants are not engaged in the learning process at the same time. There is no real-time interaction with other people. Students work independently to complete assignments either in a hands-on or online format.